Rules & Regulations

Smoking Policy

Consistent with California State Law which prohibits smoking at public facilities, DMTC has instituted a NO SMOKING policy in several areas, including barns, stalls or shedrows. In the interest of accommodating the safety and comfort of all patrons, smokers will be asked to refrain from smoking (including electronic cigarettes) in all indoor areas, outdoor seating, and aprons, concert area during concerts, and eating areas including all restaurants. Smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor areas where seating is not provided (except for the Horsemen’s Lounge terrace) including paddock viewing areas, Clubhouse and Stretch Run entry plazas and south facing patios.

Water Conservation

Conservation is an important aspect of our daily living here in California and we have a responsibility to conserve our natural resources and ensure that hazardous materials do not enter our water systems. Barns that fail to follow the rules will be reported to CHRB stewards and violation of rules will result in fines/citation(s) and disciplinary action. We thank you for your cooperation.

  • All hoses must have shut off valves and/or nozzles. Hoses not in compliance will be removed.
  • Hoses may not be placed in the drains.
  • Running water MUST be turned off between uses.
  • No waste or hazardous material may be washed down drains.
  • All washers must be turned off at the source when not in use.
  • Unnecessary lights must be turned off during daylight hours 
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