Horsemen Benefits

Horsemen Discounts

Del Mar offers Dining Deals to all patrons, as well as a generous horseman discount offered through the racing office to CHRB licensed owners and trainers. For more information please visit the Racing Office. 

Horsemen Services

Horsemen are encouraged to contact our staff in the Frontside Racing Office for assistance. 

Horsemen's Services.....(858) 794-1040

Sandy King.....Secretary to the VP, Racing.....(858) 792-4230

Scheduled Runners

A limited number of tables and box seats are set aside daily for horsemen with preference given to owners and trainers with runners entered that day, reservations may be made through Horsemen Services.

Horsemen with valid CHRB Licenses will receive discounted pricing every day of the 2021 season. Please contact the ticket office for assistance 858 792 4242

Stakes Luncheons: Owners and trainers of stake race entrants are invited to be Del Mar's guests for lunch that day in the Director's Room. Please contact Horsemen's Services for reservations.  

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