Online Contest FAQ

Questions about the Online Handicapping Contest? Please see the following FAQ page to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions. 

Q: I forgot my password! What do I do?

A: You can reset your password using the forgot password page. The system will email you a link to reset your password. Please note that it can only send the reset password link to your registered contest e-mail address!

Q: My standing is wrong, I should have more money in my bankroll!

A: All contest bankrolls are calculated automatically once results have been posted - which sometimes may take until the following morning. There are rarely any errors and when they do occur, it is usually because of a missed scratched horse or a race which had odd results (like a dead-heat or a race without show betting).

The 'Earnings' figures themselves reflect the amount of money you have 'earned' to date, not necessarily the amount you have won. For example, let's say you started the day with a $0 bankroll and you placed 4 wagers on the contest race....a $25 win bet on the 1 horse, a $25 place bet on the 1 horse, a $25 win bet on the 2 horse and a $25 show bet on the 3 horse. in the race, the 2 wins and pays $4.00, the 1 places and pays $6.00 to place. The 3 horse gets scratched from the race.

In the above case your earnings would reflect a $25 loss for the win bet on the 1 horse. Your bet on the 3 horse would be refunded because of the scratch. For those two wagers your bankroll would be -$25.00. The other two bets are winners. Since the win bet on the 2 paid $4.00, you would earn (($25 * $4.00 / $2 minimum wager) - $25 original bet) totaling $25. That number reflects your earning on the race, while your actual winnings on the race are $50, you have to remember that you borrowed $25 from your bankroll originally to make the bet in the first place. Using similar logic, the place would pay (($25 * 6.00 / 2) - $25) or $50. Your total after the race would be (-$25 + $25 + $50) = $50.

You may view a summary of all your wager results to get a better perspective on how your 'Earnings' are calculated.

Q: My horse scratched! What happens now?

A: If your horse scratches the entire wager will be refunded. If the horse scratched well before post time, you will usually be able to rewager the amount scratched on a new horse. It is not transferred to the betting favorite. In addition, if you have bet on a scratched horse, you will not receive credit for having played those funds in that contest race, unless you re-wager. Remember, contestants need to play in the minimum number of races to be eligible for the grand prize.

Q: I see someone using two e-mail addresses. What are you going to do about it?

A: We have a number of means at our disposal for catching people using multiple accounts in the contest. When we do find people using multiple accounts, we will disqualify the account with the highest bankroll. All decisions are made at the discretion of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club contest administrators and are considered final.

Q: My answer is still not here. What do I do?

A: You may contact our contest administrator at, or if you have forgotten your My Del Mar account password, please visit our forgot password.