Dress Policy of
The Del Mar Turf Club

Turf Club

The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club will require daily adherence to the Dress Policy below


Suits or daytime dresses are preferred. Slacks and tailored denim may be worn with tailored jackets.


Suit or sport jacket must be worn at all times. Sport shirts and tailored denim may be worn with a sport jacket. Ties Optional.


No shorts, t-shirts, athletic wear, wind-breakers, flip flops, abbreviated clothing and ripped, torn or oversized denim.

In order to avoid embarrassment due to inappropriate dress, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club requires that members inform their guests of the appropriate attire for the Turf Club prior to their attendance. Children of members and guests are expected to conform to the Turf Club Dress Code.

Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone considered inappropriately attired.