Online Ticket Office Instructions

Please print out the step by step instructions below and use them for reference when placing your order.

Select Event Page

  • Several event options are listed. Click on the desired event link.

Performance Options Page - "Choose Seats"

Reserved Seats and Trackside Dining Tables

  • Enter the number of seats you would like. You may purchase up to 19 Reserved Seats or 4 Tables per day. Most Tables seat 4, so they would be purchased in multiples of 4. You must purchase all of the seats at the Table.
  • Split Seats? If you are purchasing more than one table or more than 6 box seats per day, select YES.
  • Choose the day you would like to attend from the drop down menu or calendar and click CHOOSE SEATS or BEST AVAILABLE.

Choose Seats

  • From the expanded map, select the colored square that represents the area where you would like to view available seats.
  • Available seats are represented by colored circles, click on those circles to select your seats.
  • Shade Tables – Please note key on right or left side of screen
  • If you make a mistake, click the X next to the seat or table you selected on the order summary
  • If you would like to choose a different seating area, click on the 3D MAP and select another area.
  • Once you have selected your seats, you will see there are images that show the seats themselves and the approximate view to the finish line from the seating area you have selected.
  • Select a delivery method and click ADD TO CART.

You are now at the Secure Payment Page

Best Available

  • Enter the number of seats in the box corresponding to the area you would like to sit. Make sure the other boxes are empty. Click BEST AVAILABLE
  • Select your Aisle Preference. If purchasing Trackside Tables leave set at NONE
  • The Best Available Seats or Table locations are listed under Ticket Information.
  • To see the seat locations displayed on a map select SEATMAP (this function not available during on-sale)
  • Select YOUR VIEW to see a picture of the approximate view to the finish line from the seating area you have selected. (this function not available during on-sale)
  • Select NEXT BEST to see another selection. Note-you can't return to the previous selection. (this function not available during on-sale)
  • Select your delivery method.
  • Click ADD TO CART

You are now at the Secure Payment Page

Secure Payment Page

  • From the Payment Page you can delete any Reserved Seat or Admission tickets that you have selected, purchase additional tickets, or pay and complete your order. Please note - Trackside Dining Tables, once selected cannot be deleted from an order.
  • Once you have selected all of your tickets, complete the delivery and credit card information.
  • If you are using a Gift Certificate please enter the certificate number and click REDEEM. If you don't use all of your Gift Certificate a new Certificate for the balance will be sent along with your tickets.
  • Please check the TERMS & CONDITIONS box after you have read them.
  • An email confirmation of your order will be instantly sent to the address you entered.
  • If you selected Print at Home as a delivery option, you will receive a second email with your tickets attached.