Del Mar Work Tabs for Wed, Sep 7th 2022

Dirt (Fast)

Two Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Aloha Chrome 24.80 H
Rusty B Cause 25.00 H
And Tell Me Nolies 25.20 H

Three Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Con Seal and Kerry 35.40 H
Paper Tiger 36.00 H
Summer Fireball 36.20 H
Disruptive Artist 36.80 H
Blessed Touch 36.80 H
Nicely Curved 36.80 H
State of the Union 36.80 H
Mainline 36.80 H
Loana 37.00 H
Missed Call 37.60 H
Hardly Mischievous 38.00 H

Four Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Come On Come On 46.60 H
Stay in the Game 46.80 H
President Z 47.20 H
Smokin Amelia 48.20 H G
Fort McMan 48.40 H G
Unnamed [out of Callipepla] 48.60 H
Warrens World 48.80 H
Big Drinker 49.00 H G
Viejos Tiempos (CHI) 49.00 H
Warren's Queen Bee 49.00 H
Balthazar 49.20 H
College Boy 49.20 H
Butkus 49.40 H
Kitten's Kid 50.00 H
La Paloma Blanca 50.00 H
Cajun Brother 51.00 H
Tom Horn 51.20 H

Five Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Seattle Breakout 1:00.20 H
Wiki Wahine 1:01.00 H
Moonshine Steve 1:01.60 H
Weasley 1:01.60 H
Secret Square 1:01.80 H
Brace for Impact 1:02.20 H

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