Del Mar Work Tabs for Thu, Sep 1st 2022

Dirt (Fast)

Three Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Alarming Moment 35.20 H
Gold Switch 36.40 H
Thank You Honey 36.60 H
Extra Innings 37.00 H
Warrior Road 37.20 H
King Zog 37.80 H
Point and Shoot 37.80 H
Cat Bandit 37.80 H
Margot's Boy 38.20 H

Four Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Wink Wish and Park 47.60 H
Anacapa 48.00 H
Balenciaga Betty 48.20 H
E Z Pharis 48.20 H
Freedom Flyer 48.40 H
Clooney 48.40 H
Mesut 48.40 H
Mischievous Path 48.40 H
Buy Now Pay Late 48.40 H
Code Runner 48.40 H
Wrong Spot 48.40 H
Peace of Ekati 48.60 H G
Pretty Thirsty 48.60 H
Dendera 48.80 H
Big Bet Jafinsafa 48.80 H
Ever Smart 49.40 H
My Partner Glen 49.40 H
Eddie's New Dream 49.80 H
Moody Jim (IRE) 50.40 H
Respectfully 50.40 H
Saratoga Karen 50.60 H
Unnamed [out of Hellenistic] 50.80 H G
Summer Fire 51.00 H
Established 51.60 H
One Arrow 51.80 H

Five Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Real Fire 59.00 H
Sittin On Go 59.20 H
Good Vibes Only 1:00.20 H
Red Flag 1:00.40 H
Hot Legs Romolo 1:00.60 H
Act of Serendipity 1:00.60 H G
Perfect Cut 1:00.80 H
Firsttimeinforever 1:00.80 H
Natalia 1:00.80 H G
Blessed Touch 1:01.00 H
East Rand 1:01.40 H
Hard But Smart 1:02.00 H
Ice Dancing 1:02.20 H
Rusty B Cause 1:02.40 H
Cute Khloe 1:02.60 H
Union Express 1:02.60 H
Troubadour 1:02.60 H

Six Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Pop d'Oro 1:14.60 H

Turf (Firm)

Four Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Fearless Girl (IRE) 47.60 H
Unconquerable Keen (IRE) 48.60 H
Secrets Told 48.80 H
Bellabel (IRE) 49.00 H
Macadamia (BRZ) 49.20 H
Turn On The Jets (IRE) 50.40 H
Abinadi 50.40 H

Five Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Amy C (GB) 1:01.20 H
Hamwood Flier (IRE) 1:01.60 H
Cash Equity (FR) 1:01.60 H
Royal Act 1:01.80 H
She's So Nice (IRE) 1:02.60 H
Court Snort 1:04.60 H

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