Del Mar Work Tabs for Wed, Jul 27th 2022

Dirt (Fast)

One Furlong

Horse Time Notes
Club Aspen 12.40 H
Extra Innings 12.60 H

Two Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Abeliefinthislivin 23.60 H G
South Coast Route 23.60 H G
Comanche Gal 24.60 H
Unnamed [out of Willing and Able] 24.60 H
V Bucks 24.80 H G

Three Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Fourth Street 35.80 H G
Crypto Man 35.80 H G
Cleopatra's Strike 37.00 H
Velvet 37.20 H
Lane Way 38.00 H
Linger 38.20 H
Blursday 38.20 H
Calming Sea 38.60 H

Four Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
King Adrock 46.60 H
Bay Baybe 46.80 H
Balenciaga Betty 47.00 H G
Ceiling Crusher 47.00 H
Tribute to Cathy 47.40 H
Cherished 48.00 H
R Heart of Gold 48.60 H
Navagio 48.60 H
Smiling Amy 48.80 H
Unnamed [out of Hellenistic] 48.80 H G
Girl On the Go 48.80 H G
Storming Chrome 49.20 H
Aviator Nation 49.20 H
Kattath 49.40 H
Dear Beau (IRE) 49.40 H
Thread Count 49.40 H
Air Force Red 49.40 H
Rosy Edge 49.60 H
Sakura Flavor (IRE) 49.60 H
Gayles Evening 49.80 H
The Last One Perk 49.80 H
Self Taught 50.20 H
Pure Speight 51.00 H
Clouseau 51.20 H
Batukhan (IRE) 51.20 H
Tiz Storm Chasin 51.40 H
Cool Your Jets 52.60 H

Five Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Practical Impact 1:00.20 H
Cause She's a Lady 1:00.40 H G
Warren's Memorable 1:00.60 H
Mamie Van D 1:00.80 H
Trebbiano 1:00.80 H
Blame It On Rose 1:00.80 H
Stone's River 1:00.80 H
One Arrow 1:01.00 H
First Point 1:01.00 H
Agador Spartacus 1:01.40 H
Bobs Blues Man 1:01.80 H
Mount Olympic 1:02.40 H
Big Frank Da Tank 1:03.00 H

Six Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Adare Manor 1:12.60 H
Armagnac 1:12.60 H

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