Del Mar Work Tabs for Sun, Jul 17th 2022

Dirt (Fast)

Two Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Chaleur 25.80 H

Three Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Magic Man 36.60 H
Ze'bul 36.60 H
Casino Annie 37.00 H
Senor Buscador 38.00 H

Four Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Baby Steps 46.60 H
C Z Rocket 46.80 H G
Uncontrollable 46.80 H G
Catemaco 47.20 H
Takemebythehand (GB) 47.40 H
Baldoro 47.60 H
East Rand 47.60 H
Greenbow 48.00 H
Optimising (IRE) 48.00 H
Theuntouchableone 48.00 H
Anna Volante 48.00 H
Lil Bro Coop 48.20 H
Bolt for Allison 48.40 H
Divinely Bolt 48.80 H
Draw the Foul 49.00 H G
Chris Fix 49.00 H G
Bolts Babe 49.00 H
Its My Party 49.40 H
Bolt's Broad 49.40 H
Bolt From Above 49.40 H
Moody Jim (IRE) 49.40 H
Speed Demon 49.60 H
Blame It On Rose 49.80 H
Party Game (IRE) 50.00 H
Tap Me a Text 50.00 H
Countess Rosina (IRE) 50.60 H
Quattroelle (IRE) 51.60 H

Five Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Cinnamon Cat 1:00.00 H
Red Tiara 1:00.40 H
Master Piece (CHI) 1:00.40 H
Seven Charms 1:00.60 H
Unwhirled 1:00.60 H
Isola Mia 1:00.60 H
Eleniak 1:00.80 H
There Goes Harvard 1:01.20 H
Red Panty Night 1:01.20 H
Get Her Number 1:01.40 H
Albayaader (IRE) 1:02.40 H
Lollipop Gumdrop 1:03.00 H
Jennifer's d'Light 1:03.00 H
Big Stuff 1:05.60 H

Six Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Troubadour 1:17.60 H

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