Del Mar Work Tabs for Mon, Nov 15th 2021

Dirt (Fast)

Three Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Classically 36.40 H
Midnight Silence 36.60 H
Nerves of Steel 37.40 H
Ted's Candy Girl 37.80 H
Devil Moon 38.40 H
Sneaky 39.80 H

Four Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Lasso Special 48.20 H
Quidproquo Joeblow 48.60 H
Subconscious 49.00 H
Gregory's Pride 49.20 H
Lane Way 49.40 H
Smilin Evie 50.00 H
Kiss of Cran 51.40 H

Five Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Midnight Jostar 59.60 H
Mo Them Down 59.60 H
Clayton Delaney 59.80 H
Tony Ann 1:00.00 H
Leisurewear (IRE) 1:00.00 H
Missy P. 1:00.00 H
Q B One 1:00.20 H
Lil Town Sis 1:01.20 H
Rose Dawson 1:01.40 H

Six Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Ever Smart 1:12.60 H

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