Del Mar Work Tabs for Sat, Nov 13th 2021

Dirt (Fast)

Three Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
The Roan Ranger 35.00 H

Four Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Absolute Unit 46.80 H
Mongolian Mission 46.80 H
Honor Among Men 47.00 H
Peaceful Transfer 47.60 H G
Fight On 47.80 H
Just About Enough 48.60 H
Hail Freedom 48.60 H
Jack Sixpack 48.60 H
Midnight's Girl 48.60 H
Varoma 48.80 H
Vegas Palm 49.20 H
Trouble Making 49.60 H

Five Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Sottocapo 59.40 H
Loma Vista 59.40 H
Bonnie Brae 59.40 H
England's Rose 59.40 H
Riviera Champ 59.60 H
Candy for Carmel 59.80 H
Sai Con (FR) 59.80 H
Steak and Cheese 1:00.00 H
My Mane Champ 1:00.00 H
Established 1:00.20 H
Aqua Julia 1:00.20 H
Peripheral 1:00.20 H
Cali Bay (IRE) 1:00.40 H
Roses and Candy 1:00.40 H
Annaghlasa (IRE) 1:00.80 H
Awake At Midnyte 1:01.20 H
Too Much Heaven 1:01.80 H
Feeling Grazeful 1:02.20 H
Lightning Fast 1:03.00 H
Miss Bellatrix 1:03.00 H
Camino de Estrella 1:03.40 H

Six Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Rookie Mistake 1:12.00 H
Self Isolation 1:12.60 H
The Key Is Unity 1:13.20 H
Midnight Jamboree 1:13.60 H
Cane Creek Road 1:13.60 H
Dance Company 1:14.40 H
Dixie's Two Stents 1:16.80 H

Seven Furlongs

Horse Time Notes
Colt Fiction 1:27.80 H

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