Thursday, September 22nd, 2016   ( 2 years ago )

Enhanced California Pick Six Wager Will Kick Off at Del Mar

An enhancement to the Pick Six wager that is expected to offer large payoffs and re-energize what has been California’s most popular exotic bet will have its debut with the opening of the annual Del Mar Fall race meeting.
The Pick Six now will offer a “Single Ticket Jackpot” element added to it which allows for a solo winner to score a potentially hefty jackpot. That enhancement was approved by the California Horse Racing Board at its monthly meeting today and will debut at the 15-day seaside session starting on Friday, November 11.
The Pick Six, first introduced in California in 1980, grew into a highly attractive wager for a full range of horse players – from the $2 bettor all the way up to large betting syndicates. Five-, six- and sometimes even seven-figure returns have been a major part of the lure of the bet, which costs $2 and requires the picking of six straight winners. A Pick Six carryover afternoon (when the pool has not been hit and the majority of its dollars have gone forward for a second, or even third, day toward a potential grand payoff) continues to cause a major buzz among racing fans and draws extensive action at the track, via its satellite venues and with Advanced Deposit Wagering customers.
The standard formula for the Pick Six is that 70% of the total pool is paid out to those with tickets tabbing six of six winners. Consolation tickets – those with five of six winners – divided the remaining 30% of the pool.
The new twist on the Pick Six will alter that arrangement. Those picking all six winners will continue to get 70% of the pool, but the remaining 30% will be split two ways. Those with consolation tickets will be paid 15% of the pool, while the final 15% will be carried forward until there is a lone Pick Six winning ticket at which time that day’s total Pick Six pool, along with the complete carryover pool, is paid to that one lucky winner. 
“The majority of Pick Six players won’t find anything different in this enhancement,” said Craig Dado, Del Mar’s executive vice president for marketing. “They’re still paying $2 for the bet, 70% of the pool continues to go to those who pick six winners, the takeout is the same and the chance for a huge score is still there. What is different, though, is that there now will be a chance for an even bigger score if you’ve got that one ticket.”
The new arrangement allows for payouts on the “Single Ticket Jackpot” pool on any day of the meeting. But in the scenario where no single ticket wins the bet for the whole meet, the entire carryover would be put in the closing-day Pick Six pool (Sunday, December 4) and paid out to all winning tickets.
Focus groups among a cross-section of racing fans have provided positive feedback on the new bet to track officials. Many bettors indicated they liked the idea of the payout remaining at 70% of the pool for those picking six winners, while others were intrigued by the idea of a large pool growing separately with the potential for a massive payout on closing day. Most Pick Six players indicated that consolation pools weren’t the reason they played the bet and Del Mar officials emphasized that the consolation prizes weren’t being taken away, but rather adjusted to allow for half of it to be reallocated to the “Jackpot” pool.
Other racing circuits that have instituted similar betting pools tied to a single unique winning ticket have experienced success. In cases where no single tickets are realized and the complete carryover is placed in the final-day Pick Six pool, betting has pushed that pool up well into seven figures accompanied by a flood of extensive fan interest.
“While the Pick Six used to be the only exotic wagering game in town, the landscape has changed and players are looking for new bet concepts,” said Del Mar president and CEO Joe Harper. “We believe the ‘Single Ticket Jackpot’ will reinvigorate California’s Pick Six and produce some life-changing payouts.”
As it has for its first two Fall sessions, Del Mar will race on a Thursday through Sunday basis after its opening weekend. First post daily will be at 12:30 p.m. with the exception of Thanksgiving Day (November 24) when racing will begin at 11 a.m.