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Saturday, August 17, 2019


  1. To Enter, Player Bankroll and Deposit: The Pacific Classic Betting Challenge (“PCBC”) is a “real money” contest of skill.  Players are required to deposit $750, of which $500 is the live bankroll for wagering and $250 goes to the PCBC prize pool with a 100%+ return to prize winners. At the conclusion of the PCBC, any dollar amounts remaining in the player bankroll, whether it grows to $10,000 or falls to $100, remains the property of the player. Up to a maximum of three entries per person are allowed.

    The deadline to register for the PCBC is 1:45 p.m. on Saturday, August 17. Each entry receives Clubhouse Admission for August 17. If pre-registered and paid by August 16, proceed to the check-in at the umbrella table in front of the Clubhouse Admission Gates. If registering on August 17, please proceed to the DMTC Executive Offices to the left of the Clubhouse Admission Gates. The Pacific Classic Room on the Stretch Run 4th floor overlooking the Paddock is available for seating on a first-come, first-serve basis. Show your PCBC card for entry.

    Deposits: Pay by Check: Check deposits are only accepted through Friday, August 9. All deposit checks should be made payable to DMTC and mailed to: DMTC, Attn: Chris Bahr, PO Box 700, Del Mar, CA 92014 or for Fed Ex: DMTC, Attn: Chris Bahr, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014.

    Pay by Cash: Cash deposits can be made any race day up until 1:45 on Saturday, August 17. Proceed to the Del Mar Executive Offices located to the left of the Clubhouse Admission Gates.

    Pay by Credit Card: To pay by credit card, go to the contest page for the link to pay by Thursday, August 15.

  2. Format:

    Races: PCBC races on Saturday, August 17 include Del Mar live races only, 11 races expected.

    Wagers: THE ONLY WAGER TYPES PERMITTED ARE WIN, PLACE, SHOW, EXACTA, TRIFECTA and DOUBLE. All other wager types are not permitted and will subject players to disqualification.


    Should a player fail to bet the minimum wager amount ($500) required, the player is subject to disqualification from all prizes. There are no caps on payouts. The player with the highest PCBC score after the last Del Mar race is the First Place winner. Remaining balances can be withdrawn three minutes after the final race is official by withdrawing a voucher from any self-service machine and presenting to a mutuel teller.

  3. Estimated Prizes: 100%+ of the total prize money pool will be returned in cash and prizes. Based on an estimated 220 entries, the Prize Pool will be at least $55,000.  Prizes will be increased or decreased proportionately depending on the final number of entries and finalized at the start of the contest. Prize Boost your entry by paying an additional $500 to be eligible to win a $50,000 cash bonus, details below.

    Place    Cash Prize    Additional*
    1st $7,500  2019 $10,000 BCBC Entry & 2020 NHC Entry plus Hotel and $500 Travel or $5,000 2019 Del Mar Fall Betting Challenge
    2nd $5,000 2020 NHC Entry plus Hotel and $500 Travel or $5,000 2019 Del Mar Fall Betting Challenge
    3rd $2,500 2020 NHC Entry plus Hotel and $500 Travel or $5,000 2019 Del Mar Fall Betting Challenge
    4th $1,500 NHC only**
    5th   NHC only**
    6th $2,500  
    7th $1,500  
    8th $1,000   

    *First through third place finishers may choose between Player Choice of 2020 National Horseplayers Championship (NHC) Entry plus Hotel and $500 travel or 2019 Del Mar Nov. 9 & 10 Fall Betting Challenge (DMFall).

    **Two NHC entries must be awarded. If first through third choose DMFall entries, the 4th and 5th place finishers will earn NHC entries if eligible. If one NHC entry is awarded to the top three finishers, the 4th place finisher may choose between NHC or DMFall entries. If two NHC entries are awarded to the top four finishers, the 5th place finisher may choose between NHC or DMFall entries. If two NHC entries are not awarded to the top five finishers, entry or entries will be awarded to the highest placing eligible NHC Tour member. If there is a cash prize in that placing, the NHC will be substituted for the cash prize. The cash prize will be awarded to the finisher that was ineligible for the NHC entry.

    (New) $50,000 Prize Boost: Entrants may elect to put up $500 to be eligible to win a $50,000 cash bonus if the entrant goes on to win the Challenge. The $50,000 cash bonus is in addition to other prizes. Only one Prize Boost allowed per entrant. If an entrant has more than one entry, one entry will be will be designated by a specific account number. Participate by paying $500 cash at check-in at DMTC Executive Offices. A minimum of 150 total entries must participate for bonus to be eligible.

    BCBC: The first place finisher receives the full $10,000 entry into the 2019 BCBC. Please note that a BCBC entry is fully transferable to another person. There is no cash option or other alternative to the BCBC entry.

    DEL MAR FALL PCBC (DMFALL): Del Mar $5,000 Fall Challenge entries for November 9 & 10, 2019 are fully transferable to another person. There is no cash option or other alternative to the Del Mar entry.

    NHC: Up to five NHC entries may be awarded. Prior to the start of the PCBC, all participants that wish to compete for a NHC entry must be registered as 2019 members of the NHC Tour. Register for $50 at This is an official NHC Tour event. NHC Tour points are awarded in accordance to NHC Tour rules and policies. NHC entry winners receive NHC four night hotel stay at Bally’s Las Vegas and $500 travel stipend to be included with the cash prize payment if applicable. If a player has already received a NHC four night hotel stay from another contest, other mutually agreeable arrangements will be made.

  4. Standings/Results: Standings will be updated shortly after each race at: All standings are unofficial until the final results are audited. Players are encouraged to maintain an accurate record of their wagers and scoring. Final Results may be found at the Standings link above and posted on the DMTC website shortly after the final race. Please email this link to anyone that would like to follow updated standings.

  5. PCBC Cards: Each participant is issued an account card used for all wagers on self-service machines only. This card contains the “real money” bankroll of $500. Upon receipt of the player card, participant should test the card to insure it is working properly. Players will receive a four digit PIN number which secures the card much like an ATM card. If a player loses the card or the card is not working, the player should immediately report to the Stretch Run 4th

  6. Placing Wagers: All wagers must be placed through self-service machines, located throughout the facility. The self-service machines do not print out wagering vouchers. However, previous wagers can be reviewed on the self-service machines. Wagers will not be accepted through mutuel tellers. Players must place all wagers personally. No person shall directly or indirectly act as an intermediary, transmitter or agent in placing wagers for the player, unless expressly authorized by PCBC Officials. Official track rulings will apply to wagers and PCBC scoring is based on official mutuel payoffs at Del Mar. If a player wagers on a track other than Del Mar for purposes of the contest, the player will be subject to disqualification. Balances will be available for withdrawal after the final race has been run and the contest placings have been declared official.

  7. Advance Wagering: Advance wagering is not permitted unless prior express approval has been obtained by a PCBC Official. Wagers must be placed after the race prior has been declared official. This rule is designed to maintain an accurate leader-board.
  8. Scratches/Non-Starters: If a horse is scratched after a wager is placed, it is the player’s responsibility to change his/her selection prior to the race subject to all other PCBC and mutuel wagering rules. No penalties will be assessed on wagers involving any horses ruled as non-starters by stewards if a non-starter prohibits the player from wagering the minimum total wagering required.
  9. Ties: In the result of a tie, cash prize money will be divided equally among the players involved. If there is a tie for a BCBC, NHC or DMFALL placing positions, the player with the most money wagered in the PCBC will be declared the winner from the placings involved. If there is still a tie, the player with the most money earned in the last PCBC race will be declared the winner for the placings involved, then the player with the most money wagered in the last PCBC race, then, most money earned in the second to last race, most money wagered in the second to last race, etc., until a winner is declared.
  10. IRS Withholding: For any wager that triggers IRS withholding, the withholding amount will be automatically deducted from the player’s bankroll. For scoring purposes, withholding is not added back into the player’s score.
  11. Eligibility: Players must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the PCBC and at least 21 years old to qualify for the NHC in Las Vegas. If a player is not 21 by the start of the NHC or unable to participate for any reason, the next highest eligible finisher will take his/her place. The following are ineligible to participate: licensed trainers, employees of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (DMTC), AmTote or any of their subsidiaries or members of the immediate families of the foregoing. In races involving horse owners with a horse in any contest race, the horse owners must wager according to the California Horse Racing Board rules.
  12. Taxes: Liability for any and all federal, state, or local taxes is solely the responsibility of prize winners. Without a valid taxpayer identification number (TIN), prize award payouts will be subject to backup withholdings of 30%. A California tax withholding of 7% may apply to cash prize winners residing outside of California when the total payments or distributions is greater than $1,500 for the calendar year. Note certain exemptions apply, most notable being a California resident.
  13. Affidavits: Affidavits confirming compliance of all PCBC rules will be required of all players. All players acknowledge that if they enter this PCBC under a fraudulent name and/or Social Security number, they will be immediately disqualified from this and all future contests held by DMTC. Positive identification is required of all prizewinners. Each player permits and licenses to DMTC and its assignees the player’s likeness and images, pictures, photos, video, names and specific wagers made during the PCBC for promotional and other purposes.
  14. Judging and Disputes: Each participant acknowledges and expressly agrees that DMTC, through its management, shall have the sole and exclusive right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the PCBC and all decisions of DMTC shall be final and binding and by entering each participant waives and forever relinquishes any and all claims for damage or recourse of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether legal, equitable or otherwise. All questions not covered in these rules shall be decided by the management of the DMTC with those decisions to be final and binding on all participants. DMTC reserves the right to amend the rules and change, alter or cancel the PCBC at any time. If for any reason there is a cancellation in racing, the contest may be based on the races completed during the event or substitute races may be assigned by PCBC Officials. All players must make his or her own selections independently of every other player in the contest. Participants are prohibited from coordinating their selections with other players, such as two or more players coordinating multiple bankrolls wagering on one particular race and covering several different horses in a pattern that would be viewed as an unfair advantage. If DMTC concludes, in their sole and absolute discretion: (1) a player engaged in or attempted to engage in any act that compromises or could compromise the competitive integrity of the PCBC; (2) tampered with or attempted to tamper with the betting process and/or operation of the PCBC or any player then such player will be subject to sanctions imposed by DMTC management that may include, but shall not be limited to the following: forfeiture of prizes; disqualification from the contest; loss of privilege to participate in future Del Mar contests; or any combination of sanctions. Players with multiple entries are permitted to play the entries in their own names in any way they wish.

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