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Online Ticket Office Video Guide

Unsure how to order online?

These short videos from our 2009 season will give you an overview of the Online Ticket Office. They don't cover each and every step but will give you an idea of how the process works. For a complete step by step guide to ordering online print out the instructions from the Ticket Office page.

The first video shows how to place an order for Trackside Dining Tables and Reserved Seats using the "Best Available" feature. When the Online Ticket Office opens on May 10th this is the way all orders will be placed.

The second video shows you how to order using "Choose Seats". This option allows you to see the actual seating map and you can "Choose" the seats and tables that you want. This option will be available later in the day on May 10th.

Del Mar Racetrack "Best Available" Ordering

Del Mar Racetrack "Choose Seat" Ordering