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AppBringing the excitement of Del Mar Racing to the palm of your hand.

Del Mar is proud to introduce Del Mar mobile. This one-stop, one-source mobile app brings customer service to the palm of each patrons hand. Among the features are on-track mobile wagering, streaming of live races, race replays, Cybertote (real time results, odds, will pays, scratches, etc.), a betting calculator and a calendar of Del Mar events and concerts.

Downloading the Del Mar mobile App...

Getting Del Mar mobile on any "smart" mobile device (iPad, Blackberry, and others)

Open your browser and visit: You will have all of the core features of the Del Mar mobile App at your fingertips.

On-Track Betting with Del Mar mobile - Questions & Answers

Q: Can I bet on the Del Mar Mobile App from home?
A: No, it is only an on-track mobile wagering service.

Q: Can I bet on the Del Mar Mobile App using my unlimited personal (i.e. AT&T / Verizon) nationwide data plan? Or do I have to log into Del Mars free on-track WiFi?
A: You have to be logged into Del Mars Free Wi-Fi entitled "DMTC_BETS" to wager using the Del Mar Mobile App. Del Mar has "Wagering" Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the facility that cover the Stretch Run, Clubhouse, Turf Club and Paddock area.

Q: Why am I unable to get a signal on my phone, Ipad. I thought Del Mar has Wi-Fi?
A: Del Mar has "Wagering" Wi-Fi hot spots that cover 80% of the grandstand and paddock area. Del Mar has strategically placed antennas throughout the facility and will continue to improve our FREE "Wagering Only" wi-fi service for our fans.

Q: Why can't I log onto my email account or Google from the Del Mar Wi-Fi?
A: Del Mar Mobile "Wagering" Wi-Fi is limited to only on-track wagering. This decision was made to improve the speed and signal strength for those that wish to take advantage of this mobile wagering customer service. You will have to disconnect from Del Mar's Free WiFi in order to resume using your device for other internet-releated features.

Q: How do I load money onto Del Mar Mobile to wager?
A: You must first go to a specially marked "Information Window" by the mutual windows and then sign-up for mobile wagering. The process is quick and simple. Del Mar has five Information Windows (Stretch Run Floors 1 & 3, Clubhouse Floors 1 & 3, and the Turf Club Gold Room)

Q: Is Del Mar Mobile a safe way to place my bets?
A: Yes. Each person that signs up receives a mobile wagering card and an individual account and pin number.

Q: How do I know if my bet was accepted?
A: Once you place and confirm your bet you will get a TSN (confirmation) code at the bottom of your mobile screen.

Q: Can I cancel already confirmed bets?
A: As long as you cancel before the race you bet on starts you can cancel your bet. In order to cancel confirmed bets go to "Bet History" and locate your bet and click the "cancel this bet" button.

Q: If I have questions about Del Mar Mobile where should I go?
1. If you have questions about the mobile wagering portion of Del Mar Mobile, please go to an Information window.
2. If you have a question about the other elements (calendar, race replays, streaming live races, etc), please go to Customer Service.

Q: I lost my mobile wagering card. Can someone else access my account?
A: If you have lost your card, please go to an Information window. You will be asked security questions from your sign-up information and your old card will be canceled and you will be issued a new card.

Q: Do I have the ability to change my pin number?
A: Yes. From a security standpoint you must change your pin number before encourages you to change your pin number once you receive your account.

Q. What if I forget my new pin number, how do I retrieve it?
A: Please head to the Information Window.

Q: How can I withdraw money from my account?
A: Take your Mobile Wagering Diamond Club Card with you to a Self Service terminal and receive a voucher for your desired amount.

Q: Once the Del Mar season is over, where can I withdraw my money?
A: Following the season you can withdraw your balance from your Diamond Club Account at Surfside RacePlace (Del Mar Fairgrounds) or any Southern California racetrack or OTB location. You must have your Diamond Club card and pin number to make a withdrawal from a Self Service terminal. You can then cash this voucher at a mutuel teller window for cash.

Q: How do I deposit money to start Mobile Wagering.
A: Del Mar has dedicated Self Service terminals next to the "Information Windows" that you can deposit money into your account.

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