About Trakus

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Trakus and our partner racetracks are pioneering new ways to experience and enjoy horse racing. Using easy-to-follow 3D graphics, racing fans can now view Trakus on their mobile phones.

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing trends with today's smartphones, and horse racing is the only legal form of mobile wagering. Whether you're an avid racegoer, a horseplayer on-the-go, or a casual fan, horse racing delivers where other sports and games fall short: on-demand mobile wagering.

With Trakus RaceAlert. and MobileRace. services, you'll be alerted when your race runs, view it on demand, and immediately see the final results, all from the convenience of your mobile handset.


With Trakus, Del Mar race viewers can more easily follow their horses throughout the race.

Using its patented real-time tracking system, Trakus brings fans amazingly closer to the action of each race, offering clarity of horse positioning and running order with real-time motion graphic elements and viewing angles previously unavailable. With instantaneous full-field running order, viewers no longer wonder where their horse is, or where their money stands.

Trakus video enhancements can be seen on big-screen infield display boards, simulcast, broadcast television, and on-track closed circuit TrakusTVô. Racing fans can now view the exact path a horse takes to the front of the pack to win a race, or experience a race from the jockeyís point of view!

The Trakus Network

Online visitors can access detailed race information for understanding the statistical aspects of races and horse performance. Using the Trakus system to instantaneously digitize Del Mar races means the introduction of new innovative data elements that instantly generate the most detailed race results ever recorded. Trakus race information is immediately presented at each point-of-call, and full results data is available every Ω furlong: trip distance, peak and average speeds, timing, running order, margins, rail distance, and more. Through the Trakus Network, much of this information is offered complementary, yes completely free, to fans via the Del Mar website.