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Virtual Tour

Click on a thumbnail for a 360 degree photos of the Del Mar Racetrack. You will need the Ipix plugin installed on your computer. This should install automatically or you might have to click on an "Install Now" button in the upper portion of your browser just below your menu bar and above the Del Mar site. If you try that and the plugin doesn't install, you'll have to do it manually. You can get the plugin from the Ipix site here.

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The Paddock - The area where the horses are assembled, saddled, and paraded before each race.

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Seabiscuit Skyroom Patio - Located on the west side of the grandstands. Great view of the track and the Pacific.

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Il Palio Restaurant - Located on the 6th floor, Il Palio is a perfect place to enjoy dinner and drinks while watching the races.

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Veranda Cafe - The Veranda Cafe on the second floor of the Clubhouse offers indoor and outdoor dining overlooking the Paddock.

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Celebrity Suites - Three Celebrity Suites, overlooking the track from the 5th floor, are available for group events.

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Turf Club - The lobby and bar of the private Turf Club on the 4th floor.

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Frontside Racing Office - The frontside racing office is located on the ground floor of the Clubhouse.

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Clubhouse Lobby - The soaring entrance to the Clubhouse offers a display of paintings ofPacific Classic winners and an antique jockey scale.

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Pacific Pavillion - Large covered patio located in the infield. May be rented out, visit Group Sales.

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Del Mar Stables - The stables are found at the north end of the track. This is where the horses are fed and groomed.

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Turf Chute - See what the horses see as they jet down the turf track toward the grandstands.

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Backside Racing Office - The racing office located in the stable area, behind the track.