Del Mar Flash Results

Flash Results are typically available within 3-5 minutes after conclusion of the race. Please consult Equibase® Results for actual finish order and payouts.

July 2016

Fri - July, 1st
Sat - July, 2nd
Sun - July, 3rd
Mon - July, 4th
Tue - July, 5th
Wed - July, 6th
Thu - July, 7th
Fri - July, 8th
Sat - July, 9th
Sun - July, 10th
Mon - July, 11th
Tue - July, 12th
Wed - July, 13th
Thu - July, 14th
Mon - July, 18th
Tue - July, 19th
Mon - July, 25th
Tue - July, 26th
Sun - July, 31st