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Del Mar Horsemen
Paddock Sale 2013
Del Mar Racing Contacts

Racing Office (858) 792-4230
VP, Racing Tom Robbins
Paymaster Bridget Crawford
Horsemen's Liaison Lisa Iaria
(858) 794-1040
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Paymaster Accounts

The paymasters of Southern California have announced a new interactive Horsemen's Bookeeper Account Access program. The new system is completely secure and free to all Southern California horsemen.

The new system allows horsemen to:

  • Print detailed account statements for individual Southern California tracks, or consolidated statements from any of the Southern California tracks
  • View real-time account information at any time -- day or night
  • Access pdf statements available for easy printing or distribution via email
  • Print 1099's at tax time.

You'll need your account information, complete with account name, account number and PIN number.

Sign Up for Online Access