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Morning Line Generator

The Morning Line Generator is perhaps one of the most useful tools in the entire wagering tools package. It allows you to generate a balanced morning line from a set of numbers...for example Beyer Speed Figs, or any set of positive numbers which assess each horses chances to win a race.

Why is that useful? Well, it's a very easy way to generate a quick/accurate morning line if you have the Past Performances in front of you or have a computer program that spits out some kind of rating/speed figures for each horse.

Using the tool isn't quite as simple as pluging in a set of numbers and having the tool instantly create a line for you. Instead, the Morning Line Generator asks you to adjust the line created until the resulting line looks/feels corrct. Consider the picture at the right which depicts the Morning Line Generator in action for a six horse race. The Beyer Speed Figures for each horse's last race have been entered in (107, 102, 96, 92, 103, 99). As we'd expect, the horse with the highest figure (107) has the lowest odds "1.7/1" and the horse with a BSF of 92 is the longest shot.

The line isn't fixed either, it's fully adjustable. By changing the pivot and moving the adjustment scrollbars, it's possible to create a whole range of lines. While a bit awkward to use the first couple times, it soon becomes very simple to use. After entering the numbers, it's suggested that you one of the pivot buttons next to one of the horses (it doesn't matter which one you click). Then adjust the two scroll bars at the bottom until the line looks right. The top scroll bar can be used to make larger adjustments to the morning line and the lower one makes smaller adjustments.

The only reason you'll need to change or click on a different pivot button is if the line you are looking for seems out of reach using the scroll bars. By clicking on a different pivot button, you may be able to get lines that were just out of reach using the first one (although this is rare).

I've found that it's hard trying to explain to people exactly how this tool works, but that once they've used it a couple times, it becomes apparent.

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