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Wagering Tools - Morning Line Tool

Many handicappers find that creating their own morning line is a great way to handicap the races. This tool will allow you to create your own balanced morning lines or to ajust the track's morning line for a late scratch.

To use it, you first need to set the percent line and the number of horses in the race you are creating a morning line for. The percent line is simply another way of expressing a takeout and is the sum of the percentages to win for each horse. To figure out what the percent line for a specific takeout rate is, use the following equation:

1 / (1 - takeout) = percent line

So if the takeout rate is 18%, then your percent line would be:

1 / (1 - 0.18) = 122%

There are two ways to adjust the odds for each horse. You can either enter in the odds you feel the horse should be at or use the scroll bars to adjust the percentages slightly. There is also a percentage field which lets you know what the horses percentage chance to win is. Oftentimes when creating a line, it's easier to use the percentages as a guideline to asses each horse's chance to win the race than to use odds.

When creating your own morning line, you may want to set the percent line to 100%. By doing this, you'll be calculating your own morning line with the assumtion that there is no takeout rate. The odds on each horse will probably end up being lower than the odds you'll see when you get to the track, but if a horse you like appears close to or greater than the odds on your ML, you'll know that you're getting a good value for your wager.

The lock check boxes can be used to lock the odds on a specific horse. After you've set the odds where you want for a horse and you don't want that horses odds to be affected by other changes you make, simply click the lock button next to the horse and the odds will no longer change. If you enter the odds manually, the lock button will automatically be pressed for you.

The 'src' buttons can be used to scratch a horse from the race. If you've created a morning line and want to see the effect of a horse scratching from the race, click the scratch button.

Important note: once you've locked the odds on a specific horse, it's odds won't change unless you manually make the changes to that horses odds. If you are scratching a horse from the race, it's a good idea to make sure all the lock buttons are unchecked first.

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