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"Marginal" Odds is a term that comes from a paper originally written by Asch, Malkiel, and Quandt Market Efficiency in Racetrack Betting and it's defined simply as the odds on horses from a portion of the overall betting period rather than the overall mutuel pool. It's a way of figuring out what the odds are for 'late' money coming into the betting pools.

The paper discusses methods of improving ones chances at the races using methods to analyze the latter third of the betting period to get more precise odds. The presumtion is that the odds from the last portion of the betting period generally reflects the opinions of the more astute handicappers at the track and may be taking into account extra information about the race such individual horse's appearance in the paddock.

The Marginal Odds Tool will help you calculate odds and calculate up to three different odds lines for portions of the betting period using the Win pool information. It can be used to help you spot trends in the betting and to get a little bit more insight into where the late money is going for a specific race.

Using the tool is quite simple, just enter in the pool information for each separate betting periods and the overall odds as well as the odds since the last time you entered in the win pool information will be displayed.

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