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Wagering Tools

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In order to help both the novice and experienced handicapper with some of the more difficult calculations one has to make when they go to the track, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has put together some useful wagering tools.

Use the following links for free web versions of the tools, fully functional demo versions for Windows and Macintosh users or to find out more about each of the tools.

You can order the whole package for only $24.95 by clicking here or the link at the bottom of the page. If you find yourself using the free demo downloads, please support shareware by ordering today.

More Information Free Demo Download
Dosage Tool A small dosage calculator No Windows     Mac     Windows CE
Dutching Tool Dutch your wagers Yes -
Exacta/Trifecta Tool Figure out how much that exacta or trifecta wager is going to cost. Yes Windows     Mac
Exacta Line Tool Find overlays/underlays on Exacta wagers Soon -
Hedge Tool Hedge your wagers by placing saver bets Yes Mac
Kelly Tool A betting, money management and dutching tool using the mathematical forumla known as the Kelly Criterion. Yes Windows
Marginal Odds Tool Calculate "marginal" win odds Yes -
Morning Line Generator Generate Morning Lines from speed figures Yes -
Morning Line Tool Create balanced morning lines Yes Windows
Odds N' Edge Tool Similar to the Kelly Tool but with some small differences Yes Windows
Parley Tool Calculate how much a parley wager would pay No -
Pick-3/Pick-6 Tool Calculate the costs of multi-race wagers Yes Windows     Mac     Windows CE
Place Tool Calculate precise Place odds Yes Windows
Quinella Line Tool Find overlays/underlays on Quinella wagers Soon -
Show Tool Calculate precise Show odds Soon -
Timing Tool A stopwatch utility designed for horse racing Soon Windows
Will Pay Tool Create an odds line from Will Pay values Yes -
Win Tool Calculate precise Win odds Soon Windows     Mac

Ordering information for the complete Wagering Tools Package for Windows

Demo Pack for Windows (275K) -- contains all the free demo programs found on this page.

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