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Track Phantom

Track Phantom (Dave Valento) is from Minnesota and currently lives in Austin, TX. He started following horse racing in 1986 after attending his first race at his local track of Canterbury Downs (Park). After reading all the required handicapping material, most notably Andy Beyer's Picking Winners and Steve Davidowitz's Betting Thoroughbreds, he became the lead handicapper in a pick 6 syndicate at the age of 18.

Over the years, he honed his skill with old fashioned data mining through countless stacks of racing forms. His philosophy on handicapping is that it is more right brain versus left brain thinking and why he refuses to use software programs. He feels handicapping is more art than science and requires agile thinkers who have the ability to adjust handicapping strategies to the uniqueness of every race. He says "consider every runner, regardless of its seemingly bad form".

He has worked in the IT industry as a project manager, program manager and services director for the past 15 years. In between, he has provided public analysis for a variety of racing circuits, most notably Southern California and Midwest racing. Recently, he hit a $38,000 pick 4 at Del Mar (8-12-12) and had the winners in all four races selected in his top three.

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