Reggae Fest w/ Ziggy Marley

When: Saturday, August 11 @ After Last Race
Where: Seaside Stage
Type: Concert
Reggae Fest with Ziggy Marley


Come dance to the rhythm of reggae, Ziggy Marley will be jamming once more on the seaside stage Saturday, August 11. 

Ziggy Marley Seaside Stage
Ginger Roots Seaside Stage
Vibes Up Strong  
Tribe of Kings  


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  • Maximize your concert experience at Del Mar with a spot in the South Terrace VIP area.
  • For $50, you’ll gain access to the elevated viewing platform next to the stage, complete with a private bar, bathroom, and other amenities.
  • Includes racetrack admission

South Terrace VIP 

  • Concerts are 18 & up only.
  • Concerts are FREE with admission before the start of the last race, concert admission is $30 after the last race.


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