Out at the Races

When: @ 3PM-10PM
Where: Seaside Cabana
Type: Event

Join us Friday, August 29th, 2014 for Out at the Races! 

The private event will feature table seating, an elevated platform for catching all the live races, private bar/concessions, and private betting booths!

This year Out will also host a “Craziest Hat” Contest with special guest judges Becky Bartling, Todd Gloria and Ben Cartwright! Create your own unique hat to fit one of 3 categores for a chance to win some wonderful 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. The three categories of hats are: Craziest/Funniest, Most Glamorous, and Most “OATRageous”. For more details about the contest and to enter in the “Craziest Hat Contest” go here.

For more information about OUT at the Races, visit https://sdpride.org/event/out-at-the-races/, contact Martha & Will at out@sdpride.org or call (619)867-2594.

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