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Del Mar Facts & Figures

  • Del Mar's 2012 seven-week meet total on-track attendance was 651,859.
  • 47,399 guests attended Del Marís Opening Day in 2012, the largest single-day crowd in Del Mar history.
  • The average daily attendance was 17,618.
  • Since 2000, Del Marís on-track attendance has increased over 23.6%.
  • $458 million was wagered on Del Marís races in 2012.
  • 57% of Del Marís patrons are from San Diego County.
  • 31% of Del Marís patrons are from Orange and Los Angeles Counties.
  • 68% of Del Marís on-track patrons are between the ages of 21-49.
  • 75% of Del Marís patrons have an annual household income of $90,000.
  • Del Marís television signal is broadcast to over 1,000 locations throughout North and South America, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami.
  • Food and beverage sales at Del Mar in 2012 were over $15.1 million.

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