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Today's Racing Digest Feature Race

Today's Racing Digest has been a leader in providing information for Thoroughbred Horse Racing since 1970. Unlike other handicapping publications, the "Digest" does the handicapping work for you. Using proven strategies and methods the Digest's staff of analysts sift through all of the past performances, workouts, paddock checks, trip information and organize it in a clear concise common sense format so you can make quick informed handicapping decisions.

If it's your first time at the track there is a new easy to use product called Today's Racing Digest Express which includes easy to use features such as the Consensus and the Quick Picks along with simplified class, speed and performance ratings for the first time handicapper. If you are a more sophisticated handicapper each Complete Digest includes workout reports, fractional charting, speed and pace ratings, the Digest's unique data lines, and much more.

Today's Racing Digest is available for all thoroughbred tracks across the country and can be purchased as a hardcopy at all major California Thoroughbred Tracks, OTBs and newsstands or electronically at

Today's Racing Digest will be providing a daily free feature race to give you a sample of the type and value of information that can be found everyday in Today's Racing Digest.

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