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The Will Pay Tool allows you to create an accurate odds line ahead of a race based on Daily Double and Pick-3 Will Pay values at the track. Since the Will Pay values reflect actual betting by handicappers at the track, the odds line generated is quite often a good one. From personal experience at Golden Gate, I've found it's often a bettor indicator of final odds than the track morning line. This can be attributed to a few different factors...not only are the numbers coming from actual bettors, but they are usually coming from the better handicappers at the track because Will Pay values are based on the results of one or two previous races. If a ticket doesn't include previous race winners on it, it won't be included in the Will Pay numbers. From experience, I've found that this usually means a better assesment of each horses chances in the upcoming racing than the assesment of the crowd at large .

The screen shot to the right comes from a random race at Golden Gate Fields (the only one which I had test numbers for). The actual win odds for the race are displayed below so you can compare the results from the WIll Pay tool to the actual nubmers at the track. It's worth noting that I've rounded the numbers generated by the Will Pay tool in the table below. Original values can be found in the picture.

Actual Odds2519325/27/22025
Will Pay Tool Odds191553233025

Using the tool is very simple, for each horse, simply enter the Will Pay value for each horse in the appropriate box and the tool will spit out projected odds, the percentage of the Will Pay pool bet on each horse as well as projected win payouts. It doesn't matter if you're entering Daily Double or Pick-3 Will Pay values, the tool can handle both sets of numbers.

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