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Wagering Tools - Place Tool

You've probably never seen place odds before. First, make sure to set the takeout rate for the track you're playing at. This tool will let you calculate minimum and maximum odds for place wagers to the nearest 0.01. There's a range because the final odds can be affected by the top two finishing horses which aren't known prior to the race. You can compare the odds to the current win odds as well. Anything over 1/2 of the current win odds would be considered getting more value than usual for your place wager. Under 1/2 of the win odds means that the current place wager has been overbet a bit and might not be paying what it should be.

If you want to see what a place bet will pay in the event the winner is known, click the '1st' button next to the horse and you'll get precise odds for most of the horses. This is a great tool and by using it, you'll be equiped with information no other bettor without the wagering tools package has at the track.

Also, you can enter in the current win or show pools instead of the place pool to get a comparision of the place pool to other pools. It's an easy way to spot discrepancies in the betting.

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