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Wagering Tools - Pick-3/Pick-6 Tool

The Pick-3/Pick-6 tool will help you calculate how much a pick-3 or pick-6 wager will cost to play. It's actually a very simple calculation that most people should be able to do in their heads which limits the usefulness of this tool:

cost = (base wager) * (# of horses in race 1) * (# of horses in race 2), etc

where (base wager) equals the amount you plan to play on each individual combination (usually $1 or $2)

The Pick-3/Pick-6 Tool is available for free. Either use the web based version on the Wagering Tools Page or download the free version for Windows pictured above.

To use it simply enter the number of horses you plan to bet on in each race. Leave the last three races blank if you are calculating the cost of a pick 3 wager.

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