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Wagering Tools - Show Tool

 * - Odds are actually less than displayed, but there's a 0.1
($2.20 payout) minimum for show wagers
The Show Tool will help you figure out how much that show wager is going to pay ahead of time. Since there is some uncertainty over what the exact price will be without knowing who the first three finishers are, the show tool calculates minimum and maximum odds (and coresponding payouts) for each horse. Your wager will pay somewhere in that range. To use the tool, simply enter the pools from the show pool into the calculator. Also, the takeout and breakage have been preset to reflect wagering in California. Takeout rates vary across the country and you'll need to know the takeout at the track you're playing at (if it's not in California) to get accurate numbers.

This tool is not available for download.

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