Southern California's horse racing circuit features the biggest pick six pools in the country. With payouts regularly over $100,000, many handicappers like to play the bet to score big. However, at $2 per combination, it often becomes very expensive to play. The calculator can help you signifigantly reduce your costs.

The calculator works by building multiple tickets using your primary and secondary picks for each race. Secondary picks are optional, leaving them off will help to reduce your picks more. As long as you can pick at least 5 out of 6 correct from your primary picks and the sixth horse comes from your secondary picks, you'll be able to still hit the pick six.

The calculator will also show you what a standard single pick-6 ticket using all of your horses would cost allowing you to compare the savings between the two methods. See the image below for an example of the calculator in action.

So, in the image, you'll see that we've built a pick 6 ticket that would have cost us $864 had we included all the horses in a single standard ticket. Using the spread ticket option, we built 5 separate tickets that only cost $384 saving us almost $500 on the cost of our ticket.

Try building some tickets yourself to see how it works. Note that you should never have the same horse as a primary pick and a secondary pick.